About Us

We are a young team of ceramic designers, located at Jingdezhen(Ching-te-chen), the Capital of Porcelain in China. Ceramics Art in Jingdezhen has more than one thousand year’s history. There is at least one person in most families here, who works on ceramics. We design and make original porcelain accessories, tableware, vases, etc. We make and paint all the work by hand. Every piece of our work is a combination of our love and effort for ceramics.

Ceramic is an art that combines water, clay, and fire. We hope to utilize our work to convey our ideal, a natural, casual, innovative attitude towards life. Every time we hold the clay in our hands, paint with a pen, take the porcelain out from the kiln, we feel like blending in nature, happy and peaceful. It is an incredible joy, which I hope ceramics can bring you too.